See what mentee and staff alumni have to say about how Project MotiVATe has impacted their lives!

We’re currently compiling both video, photo, and print testimonials – check back soon for more! 🙂 

“Camp 2014 was the first time I was introduced to PM. That weekend was my first cherished memory of PM when I met my mentee. Back then, I didn’t know we were going to get paired up, but we instantly connected as we were both new to PM, were curious yet incredibly shy, and kept each other company drawing and sketching in the summer heat. August 2016 will be our third camp year together, and it will be the most memorable one yet as we have gotten closer over the years. She is the reason why I look forward to every Wednesday’s Study Hall, because I know that she will always be there waiting for me in the very same spot where we do homework and arts and crafts together.”

“To me PM is a place to grow. A place where everyone is open minded and kind to each other. I believe that each and everyone in PM has help one and another in their personal growth overtime.”

“Project MotiVATe is a place where wonderfully talented adults set aside time to help their community grow and succeed. It has been such a blessing getting to know PM, the culture, and the people. PM is a place of growth, family, and connection.”

“What PM Means to me: PM is a resource I wish I had as a teenager. It is providing guidance to to its mentees during a time of their life where they need it most. Home and school is a difficult place for PM’s mentees and is more often seen by them as an obstacle instead a resource for for their future. PM is the bridge that not only helps the Mentee directly, but helps turn home and school back to the resource it should be.”

“PM has taught me a great deal about community service and it opened up my eyes to what a amazing program like this can do. I came to PM three years ago and I met amazing friends who shares the same passion as me. This place has become a second family that supports one another, we learn from each other, hang out with each other, or just have deep conversations about life . I get to see how the Mentees grow and see the benefits they get from this program. Many blossom into someone they never thought they would because they builded their confident in PM. I hope to see this program around for many more years to come because it is the best ever.”

“When speaking of project motivate, I view it is as a school and community. It is a place where I can contribute and give back. At PM, I learn imperative lessons that will help me becoming a better mentor as well as an individual. I believe youths are the foundation in building a sturdier community; it is a blessing that I get to work with other mentors and volunteers who share the same goal. I am proud of what Project Motivate stands for. As a Vietnamese American, I hope it will continue to become an imperative and grand role model in strengthening the Vietnamese community.”

“As a Former Mentee and Current Volunteer, Project MotiVATe has opened up many opportunities for students to make a choice that they thought was never possible. For this organization to help give these students a chance, I couldn’t be more proud to be with them to help give the students a chance to change for the the better.”

“Near the end of 2013, I moved to Orange County from Wisconsin. I was born and raised there. It was the only thing I had ever known for the past 24 years of my life. I thought I’d never love anything as much as my friends and family back home. But then somehow Project MotiVATe found me and all I’ve ever tried to do since then was recreate this feeling of home for the mentees and mentors.”

“Project MotiVATe is a wonderful place where kind-hearted volunteers contribute countless hours to shape the lives of our future generation. It is a safe place that accepts diversity and nurtures personal development with positivity, compassion and trust.”

“Pm is a less-known organization that has a feeling of a small family. I joined Pm with no expectation nor knowledge of its mission. My first exposure to the students was at camp of 2014. Through the interactions of the youth and volunteers, I now have a better understanding of why so many volunteers continue to attend and support pm through the years. I also understand why the students enjoy the outings, quality time, and the weekly dedication to study hall. Simply put, it is the feeling of a small family. And, I’m proud of being part of that family.”

“Project MotiVATe is awesome. I have never met a kinder group of compassionate and caring people. It is an amazing place where the seeds of compassion, growth and community are nourished regardless of whether you are a volunteer or mentee. PM truly believe that every person has the potential to be great.”

“In Project Motivate we try to improve the lives of youth through mentorship and community involvement; succeed or fail we are committed to creating a better world. The youths and fellow mentors that I met prove to me that Project Motivate is a vital part of the our community. I have grown as a person and a mentor; learning something new about myself every year.”