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Our Mission is to mentor Vietnamese-American teens by developing their academic, cultural, and social skills to achieve educational goals and personal success.

Initiated in 1996, Project MotiVATe (formerly Camp for Youth) was developed to meet the needs of Vietnamese-American youth in Orange County.

Despite the large number of Vietnamese-Americans living in Orange County today, there are currently no mentoring programs available free of charge to academically and socially at-risk Vietnamese youth. To fulfill this need, Project MotiVATe offers a culturally relevant mentorship program at no financial cost to families.

Through its annual summer camp, personalized mentoring, weekly study halls, and monthly events, Project MotiVATe ensures that all mentees graduate high school and pursue higher education while creating opportunities for personal growth, cultural connectedness and social responsibility.

Provided Services


A mentor has the potential to provide mentees with guidance and support. This relationship is an integral aspect of the Mentee’s development in Project MotiVATe. Mentors will maintain contact with their Mentee(s) at least once per week in addition to interacting with mentees during Weekly Study Hall and Monthly Activities. 

Summer Camp

The annual camp helps develop bonds among members of the Project MotiVATe family, fosters a positive and supportive environment and establishes relationships for the upcoming school year. Activities consist of team building, leadership workshops, academic and career planning sessions, and cultural awareness activities.

Study Hall

Project MotiVATe offers weekly study hall sessions where academic tutors work with Mentees to improve academic skills and study habits. At study hall, Mentees also receive academic counseling, college preparation assistance, and participate in workshops.

Monthly Activities

Monthly activities are designed to expose youth to enriching experiences and promote civic engagement, such as college and career fairs, museum trips, and community and cultural events. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Monthly Activities as well as all other events will be planned accordingly to assure safety for all Mentees and Staff.

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Project MotiVATe is always welcoming new mentees, mentors and volunteers.

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