One of the first

Founded in 1996, Project MotiVATe was one of the first organizations to recognize and fulfill the need to support underserved Vietnamese-American youth in the Orange County Area. Over 20 years later,  Project MotiVATe continues to make meaningful, positive impacts for the successors of our community.


All Mentees in our program are individually paired with a Mentor who meets with them regularly to provide holistic support and guidance.

Educational Support

Made by Vietnamese-Americans, Project MotiVATe is a mentorship program designed to empower youth in Orange County, CA with the ultimate goal of pursuing higher education or trade school and giving back to their communities.

Summer Camp

Project MotiVATe hosts an annual summer camp free of cost to Mentees to kick off the school year.  Camp provides our Mentees an unforgettable experience to create memories, reflect on our culture and experiences, and build relationships that go beyond academics.

Our Mission

To mentor Vietnamese-American teens by developing their academic, cultural, and social skills to achieve educational goals and personal success.

Our Testimonials

“PM is a less-known organization that has a feeling of a small family. I joined PM with no expectation nor knowledge of its mission. My first exposure to the students was at camp of 2014. Through the interactions of the youth and volunteers, I now have a better understanding of why so many volunteers continue to attend and support pm through the years. I also understand why the students enjoy the outings, quality time, and the weekly dedication to study hall. Simply put, it is the feeling of a small family. And, I’m proud of being part of that family.”
“Project MotiVATe is a place where wonderfully talented adults set aside time to help their community grow and succeed. It has been such a blessing getting to know PM, the culture, and the people. PM is a place of growth, family, and connection.”
“What PM Means to me: PM is a resource I wish I had as a teenager. It is providing guidance to its mentees during a time of their life where they need it most. Home and school is a difficult place for PM’s mentees and is more often seen by them as an obstacle instead a resource for their future. PM is the bridge that not only helps the Mentee directly, but helps turn home and school back to the resource it should be.”

Interested in learning more?

Project MotiVATe is always welcoming new mentees, mentors and volunteers.

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