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Contact Logs: Submit Here

  • Please document events including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Mentor spends time with mentee outside of study hall
    • Mentor attempts to contact mentee outside of study hall, even if mentee doesn’t respond
    • Mentor phone calls and text message conversations with mentee
    • Mentor interactions with parent
    • Mentor is struggling to establish a healthy relationship with their mentee
  • SUBMIT A CONTACT LOG HERE: contact the Program Director for the password to access this form.
  • Review submitted contact logs for 2018-2019: contact the Program Director to access this spreadsheet.
  • Review contact log guidelines here on page 7.

Incident Reports: Submit Here

  • If your mentee shares any of the below information, you must submit a confidential contact log and please inform the Mentor Coordinator or the Program Director immediately:
    • Mentee or someone related to them is involved with the criminal justice system, which includes:
      • Mentee is attending a court hearing for violent or non-violent crime
      • Mentee is caught engaging in any illegal activity, such as affiliating with gang violence
    • Mentee is using of illegal drugs
    • Mentee is showing signs of depression
    • Mentee has thoughts of or attempts of suicide
    • Mentee has thoughts of or attempts to harm self
    • Mentee has thoughts or attempts to harm themselves or others
    • Mentee has sexual relations with a partner over 18-years-old if the mentee is a minor
    • Mentee has fear of pregnancy
    • Mentee is practicing unsafe sexual activities or risk for STIs
    • Mentee is experiencing death of a relative/friend
    • Mentee is stealing from or soliciting parents/staff for money
    • Mentee is experiencing divorce/separation in family
    • Mentee is lying to parents/staff
    • Mentee is engaging in other situations that must be dealt with discretely
  • SUBMIT AN INCIDENT REPORT HERE: contact the Program Director for the password to access this form.
  • Review incident report guidelines here on pages 7-8. Please note that only the Program Director and Board of Directors will be able to view Incident Reports.

If you believe the mentee to be in a life-threatening situation, contact the police immediately.

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