Our Leadership Team

Kao Tang Ying Moua, MS, Program Director

Tang obtained her Masters of Science in Global Health Sciences from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).  She has more than six years of experience working in Southeast Asian (SEA) immigrant communities in health, research, evaluations, patient research ethics, and sexual violence prevention.  She has more than five years of experience in public health driven programs. Her experience includes: serving as part of the SCA collaborative for “CBPR Principles and Agreement’s Survivor Centered Advocacy Project for Domestic Violence Researchers,” being an Associate Investigator at UCSF-Fresno’s Medical Education program from 2013-2016 through the Ob/Gyn department, serving on California’s Rape Prevention Education evaluation advisory group, and being a plenary speaker for  OVW-CSSP’s June 2018 Institute. Tang enjoys going to Disneyland and gaming.

Nancy Nguyen-Witlin, Program Director

Nancy is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a double major in business management and theatre arts. In 2017, she joined Project MotiVATe as a mentor and was offered the role of Program Director at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. She enjoys live theatre, reading (from Shakespeare to the Wall Street Journal) and eating (loves bun bo hue!). Her favorite movies are The Godfather and Casablanca. She lives in Hermosa Beach with her husband.

Tim Nguyen, Mentee/Mentor Coordinator

Tim is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in psychobiology. He has experience working with nonprofit organizations over the past five years with VnHOPE, which performs medical missions in Vietnam. In 2018, Tim joined the Project MotiVATe team as a volunteer and coordinator. In his free time, he likes to game and play sports.

Kelsey Luong, Social Media and Data Coordinator

Kelsey is a graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University where she earned her bachelor’s degrees in economics, as well as philosophy from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She was recruited on a whim, by Nancy, to join the Project MotiVATe team and has not regretted the decision. In her free time, Kelsey likes to binge-watch documentaries on criminal offenders and wishes to continue her studies within the legal realm.

Vivi Le, Development Coordinator

Vivi earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing from California State University, Northridge. Prior to joining Project MotiVATe, she worked at a consulting firm specializing in nonprofit management and development with expertise in foundation research and case development. She has also volunteered at numerous nonprofit organizations in the San Fernando Valley specializing in marketing, social media, and special events. In her free time, she enjoys working out and trying new recipes.

Jenifer Tran, Youth Program Intern

Jenifer will receive her bachelor’s degree in health science with an emphasis in community health education from California State University, Long Beach in the spring of 2019. Post-graduate, she will be focusing her time on youth programs and/or similar organizations. She plans to contribute her time, effort, and positive vibes to Project MotiVATe to ensure that both parties grow and create memories. In her personal time, she enjoys food and also working out at the gym to be able to eat more food.

Katrina Phan, Youth Program Intern

Katrina is a senior at California State University, Long Beach and is expected to graduate in spring 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in health science with a focus on community health. She wants to gain experience through Project MotiVATe by focusing on program outreach and giving back to the community. She plans on devoting her time and effort to help PM reach its program goals. In her free time, she likes to travel and to enjoy food from around the world.

Kevin Ma, Outreach and Resource Intern

Kevin is pursuing his bachelors in Asian studies with a minor in Chinese studies at California State University, Long Beach and is expected to finish spring 2019. In continuation with his studies, he aspires to become an educator teaching physics and pursue a master’s degree in education. His current position in sales has taught him influential skills and has inspired him to educate and motivate the people around him. With these skills, Kevin intends to bring confidence and morale for the youth and also for PM. During his leisure time, he enjoys reading, being a part of nature, and staying active through diet and fitness.

Lester Nguyen, Intern

Lester is currently attending California State University, Long Beach as a human development major and is expected to graduate in spring 2019. He plans to obtain his teaching credential in order to work with children with special needs. His hobbies include watching television shows on Netflix, such as Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

Board of Directors

Scott Iseri

Kristine Louie

Jon Dang

Michelle Hoang

Lynette Lim