Each year, Project MotiVATe offers a 4-day summer camp to connect mentees to our environment, promote personal development and team building, and strengthen relationships between mentors, mentees and volunteers. From Project MotiVATe’s start as Camp for Youth in 1996, the annual summer camp has always been a special experience for everyone in the “PM Family” – helping to connect, re-connect, form lasting bonds and build community – the basis for Project MotiVATe’s work with youth and their families.

A donation to Project MotiVATe’s Summer CAMP will directly support the costs of the 4-day camp and ensure mentees can attend without any financial burden. Expenses include campsite, travel, food, and equipment in addition to a jam-packed itinerary of team-building activities, goal-settting workshops and engaging discussions around family, cultural identity and social awareness. Your donation allows at-risk youth in Orange County to experience nature and a sense of connectedness to Project MotiVATe and their peers — for our youth, this is their first time “un-plugging” and camping.

About Project MotiVATe

The mission of Project MotiVAte is to mentor Vietnamese American teens by developing their academic, cultural and social skills to achieve educational goals and personal success.

Founded in 1996 and originally known as Camp for Youth, Project MotiVATe (Mentoring Vietnamese American Teens) serves as a culturally relevant resource to Vietnamese youth and their families in Orange County. Through its annual summer camp, one-on-one mentoring, weekly study halls, and monthly events, Project MotiVATe ensures that all mentees graduate high school and pursue higher education while creating opportunities for personal growth, cultural connectedness and social responsibility. Today in Orange County, there are no mentoring programs available free of charge to academically and socially at-risk Vietnamese youth.

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