Apply to Project MotiVATe

Prospective Mentees

Mentee Application (English)
In order for a potential mentee to be considered, students must be:

  • Between the grades of 8th to 11th
  • Vietnamese-American
  • In need of assistance to develop academic, social and cultural skills

Mentee Application (Tiếng Việt)
Học sinh được sự hướng dẩn:

  • Là sinh viên trường trung học trong khu vực Quận Cam (ưu tiên cho các học sinh lớp 8 và 11)
  • Cam kết tham gia cho đến khi tốt nghiệp
  • Sẽ đạt nhiều lợi ích nếu có sự hướng dẩn học tập và giúp đở tiếp xúc xã hội

Prospective Staff

Mentor Application
Duties of a Mentor include:

  • Supporting your mentee to reach his/her academic, social and cultural goals
  • Maintaining contact with your mentee’s parents
  • Taking your mentee on outings
  • Helping plan PM’s monthly events, workshops, and summer camp (if interested)

Coordinator Application
Duties of Project MotiVATe Coordinators include:

  • Administrative oversight of the program
  • Meeting regularly to plan Project MotiVATe activities
  • Regular attendance at monthly events
  • Providing support to mentor-mentee pairings
  • Organizing annual mentor trainings and retreats

Positions Include:

  • Development Coordinator
  • Mentee/Mentor Coordinator
  • Parent Coordinator
  • Social Media and Data Coordinator
  • Youth Program Coordinator

Volunteer Application
Requirements and duties of volunteers:

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Interest in working with high school age youth
  • Fluent in Vietnamese (preferred but not required)